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Joe Van Niekerk

Your Guide to Healing and Transformation

Discover how to heal from childhood wounds, free yourself from self-limiting beliefs and start embodying your truth.

My name is Joe certified life coach holistic health mentor and bodywork practitioner.

I’m passionate about empowering you with the right tools to regulate your nervous system, break unhealthy patterns that aren’t serving you and healing childhood related wounding.

So you can be free, happy and at peace in the present moment.

I’m here to uplift others and be part of a world that inspires healing, growth, expanding consciousness and inner transformation.

Heal Your Past & Break Free
From Unhealthy Patterns That Aren’t Serving You.

My background is in professional sports where I played rugby professionally for roughly 13 years for the Springboks in South Africa and for Toulon in France.

After my career as a high achiever and leader, I decided to make a 360° turn.

I went from a super masculine, ambitious, highly driven career, into the jungle in Costa Rica to live a life of simplicity, to meditate, listen to my intuition and embrace my connection to the Universe.

For the first part of my life, I lacked spiritual nourishment in my life, so that’s where my curiosity led me after retiring as I realised I had a lot trauma I had not dealt with yet.

From one ego death to the next, combined with having had a dark night of the soul, I was able to transmute my ego into deep love and I continued on my inner journey of awakening and transformation whilst cultivating a sense of peace.

After 10 years of countless plant medicine journeys, holding space and coaching people, I’m still deeply passionate about assisting people in their healing journey and helping them feel safe within their bodies.

Nowadays, my work is rooted in inner child healing, somatics, body work, coaching and holistic health.

My Offerings

Vip Coaching Program

Break free from unhealthy patterns by identifying and healing what is keeping you small and uncover how to get rid of feeling “stuck” through long-term coaching support.

Book a coaching session

You’ll discover how to heal from childhood wounds, free yourself from self-limiting beliefs and learn how to heal from mystery illnesses through holistic health protocols.

Health Consultation

This consultation supports your process of healing health conditions and creating an effective holistic health and healing plan for your needs and goals.

Ceremonial Bodywork

Restore and heal your connection to Self and body. Relax, rejuvanate and recovery your power.

Upcoming Retreats

Join me for a transformational experience of a lifetime.

Insights on Healing & Transformation

Discover tools to break free and thrive.

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